Why did we invest? — B2Brain

Imagine this scenario. You are a rock star sales development representative (SDR) in your organization...

Pharma in the times of Covid-19 crisis: What lies ahead

With increasing globalization, it seems that the world is shrinking. The pharmaceutical industry has...

The Paradigm Shift in the Sales Process

Sales and sales processes across the globe are changing. There is a paradigm shift in the way sales is done...

Software and IoT Accelerating Global EV Market Success —

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the way forward with clean mobility. World over there has been several interventions in policy...

Enterprise Sales in a Post COVID-19 Lockdown World

In times of crisis, when the news is full of shocking and ominous headlines, it’s important to keep calm and remember...

The Conversion Conundrum

Despite some companies making progress in leaps and bounds by boosting their conversions using conversion rate optimization (CRO)...

How Worxogo is Navigating the Uncharted Waters of COVID-19

Covid-19 has created a crisis none of us could have foreseen, and at a scale that no one was prepared for. These are uncertain times for everyone.

The Necessities of Innovation in Crises

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. However, it isn’t said how the process of conception to birthing invention thanks to necessity, occurs.

How Startups Can Stay Operational During the COVID-19 Pandemonium

News and stress about the coronavirus from around the world is creating significant uncertainty among leaders, employees and customers.

Edge & Cloud Networks — A Robust, Scalable & Efficient Symbiosis

Over the last decade, the biggest technology advancement for enterprise software has been the adoption of the cloud. There are several reasons for this shift,

Industrial AI — 3 Barriers to Adoption & How to Overcome Them

All of us are steadily exposed to a lot of media diet which emphasizes both, the advantages and pitfalls of AI. Either way, it is the new reality. It has been silently and steadily penetrating multiple facets of every industry.

Enterprise Sales 2.0 — Disrupted by Technology, Now Fuelled by It

We live in a world where the speed of change itself is being disrupted. Rapid digitization fuelled by rapid technological innovation is transforming the global business landscape at an unprecedented pace.


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ABB E-mobility acquires controlling stake in Numocity

Numocity, a startup that provides electric car charging solutions, said on Wednesday that ABB's E-mobility division has purchased a majority share in the firm for an undisclosed fee.

Bharti Airtel buys around 25% stake in startup Lavelle Networks

Lavelle Networks specialises in software-defined Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions and it serves a range of industry segments

ManageArtworks Expands USA Leadership Team, hires Marriott Winchester, Bob Childs and John Stachura

ManageArtworks (www.manageartworks.com), the technology-powered packaging artwork management leader, announced today the addition of Marriott Winchester ...


Right from the outset of commerce in ancient times, it has always been about the customer. If the customer is happy with your product and services, he will make a purchase. Despite knowing that ‘Customer is the King’, most brands fail to understand their customers and their perception of the brand.

Mihup launches Virtual Interaction Analyst (VIA) 2.0

Mihup Communication, a fast evolving trusted and accurate vernacular voice interface platform, ..


Since big data is gaining prominence, the number of businesses pursuing data analytics has increased

Ideaspring chief talks about second fundraise, investment thesis to fuel early-stage startups

Ideaspring Capital, a business-to-business (B2B)-focused venture fund, is set to mark the final close of its second fundraise...