Infusing Capital + Real World Experience


We look at investing in cutting-edge technologies in the B2B enterprise space. Though we are sector-agnostic we are keen to explore investments in sectors that push the boundaries of traditional investment such as deeptech, blockchain, biosciences, Web 3.0, future of work, and financial infrastructure to name a few.  


We invest in the seed or Pre-Series A-stages with ticket sizes reaching $ 2 million. We are usually the first institutional investor onboard and 70% of our investments have been in startups in the pre-revenue stage. It is essential for us that the startup has a strong technology differentiator that sets it apart from the competition.


We believe in enabling our entrepreneurs by offering them the guidance required to succeed in their startup journey. Through our STARTUP ASSIST program, we provide key interventions in aspects that include Business Market fit, product management, product positioning, architecting for scale, customer connections, and introductions to the next level of investors.